About Us

Working to deliver business excellence.

At BoonBridge our thought process revolves around putting our clients first. Having 20+ years running impactful IT projects in both the enterprise software and hardware business, we understand regardless of the size of the company what is at stake. From serving large fortune 500 companies to startups, our tailored approach to each project is crafted such that key stakeholders have full transparency and understand that our job is not done until all marks are hit. We work to continuously up our value to each client while, making sure that our solution is aligned to their business objectives.

Our IT expertise leveraged in various industries over the years has a proven ability to take on any digital transformation. We have overseen the implementation of dozens of enterprise software solutions that bolstered growth and substantially bettered the customer experiences. Another core component of any organization is the data that it has access to. We firmly believe that all decisions should be data driven and understand the behemoth effort required to create these analytics. We specialize in creating data systems that empower businesses to truly understand their inner workings, all while bettering their bottom line.

Years of battle tested expertise in cybersecurity allows our team to confidently develop and execute plans to protect your business. We appreciate the companies that realize the effort involved in creating these systems are in fact business decisions and work with them for cyber security to be a part of their strategic plans. It is paramount to remain agile and flexible in today's ever changing competitive environment, and Boonbridge can empower as well as assist you to handle these evolving security needs and changes.

IT decisions are in fact, business decisions.

Based in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, we work globally spanning countries across 4 continents. Our dynamic and asynchronous driven approach means that regardless of where you are based, we have a team in place to help.